Defcon Damages Pricelist

Since Defcon 10, the Alexis park has handed out a price list of the cost of repairing various damages to the room. On a very boring day at work I transcribed the DC10, DC11, and DC12, and DC 13 lists and calculated the difference from the previous year. (Thanks to Hackajar, Syntax and TX2600 for copies of the pricelist). Enjoy!

ItemValue DCXValue DC11Value DC12Value DC13Difference
Bath Tub Repair - Scratches/Chips$125$125$125$225$100
Bath Tub Repair - Small Hole/Cracks$215$215$215$315$100
Refinish Tub and Walls$775$775$775$875$100
Vanity Top Repair - Chips/Scratches$130$130$130$200$70
Replace Vanity - Top Broken$465$465$465$525$60
Replace Mirror$278$278$278$358$80
Replace Toilet$490$490$490$590$100
Replace Vanity Cabinet$750$750$750$850$100
Replace Towel Bar$55$55$55$95$40
Replace Toilet Paper Holder$55$55$55$95$40
Repaint one wall$225$225$225$305$80
Repaint Ceiling - Per Room$350$450$450$550$100
Repaint Door and Jamb[sic]$230$230$230$325$95
Repaint Cabinet$405$405$405$505$100
Repaint Entire Suite$1,650$1,800$1,800$1,900$100
Repaint Crown Molding[sic]$375$425$425$525$100
Replace Interior Door Hardware$75$75$75$125$50
Replace Entry Hardware$1,200$1200$1200$1300$100
Light Fixtures - Surface Mount$135$145$145$245$100
Replace Broken Outlets/Switches$65$65$65$115$50
Floor Tile Repair - Per Tile$65$65$65$95$30
Floor TIle Repair - Each Additional Tile$30$30$30$55$25
Replace Ceramic Tile Floor$975$975$975$1,075$100
Replace/Repair Carpet Base Per Foot$7$9$9$15$6
Carpet Repair - Minor$150$150$150$225$75
Carpet Repair - Major$300$300$300$395$95
Replace Carpet$1,300$1,450$1,450$1,550$100
Granite Counter Top - Replace$1,500$1,500$1,500$1600$100
Granite Counter Top - Repair(Scratches)$275$275$275$375$100
Replace Screens in Bar Cabinet$155$155$155$245$90
Bar Sink Faucet$225$225$225$325$100
Bar Sink $250$250$250$355$105
Bar Cabinets$1,875$1,875$1,875$1,975$100
Cabinet Repair - Minor$150$150$150$225$75
Cabinet Repair - Major$335$335$335$435$100
Closet Shelf and Pole$225$225$225$355$130
Crown Mouldings - Replace Per Room$410$410$410$505$95
Replace Door and Jamb[sic]$485$485$485$585$100
Replace Door Only$225$225$225$305$80
Door Repair - Minor Dents and Holes$75$75$75$155$80
Repair or Replace Miscellaneous Trim$90$90$90$175$85
Wall Repair - Small Holes or Dints[sic]$95$95$95$175$80
Wall Repair - Large Holes$225$225$225$325$100
Ceiling Repair - Small Holes$95$95$95$175$80
Ceiling Repair - Large Holes$225$225$225$325$100
Window Blinds$55$90$90$150$60
Broken Window$375$375$375$455$80
Club Chair$275$325$325$425$100
Nite Stand$125$150$150$225$75
TV Armoire$450$525$525$625$100
End Table$125$135$135$205$70
Coffee Table$150$175$175$255$80
Desk Chair$125$125$125$205$80
Double Headboard$125$135$135$215$80
King Headboard$300$300$300$375$75
Living Room Lamp$115$115$115$185$70
Desk Lamp$75$75$75$155$80
Bedroom Lamp$100$100$100$175$75

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