H2K2 - Hackers on Planet Earth 2002

H2K2 is the fourth HOPE (Hackers on Planet Earth) conference held by the 2600 crew. This was my 5th convention, second HOPE and I finally had the oppoutunity to speak at a con

Yes, that was me at the WBAI studios on 'Off the Hook' on July 10th. I had originally planned to just watch the show being done, but the next thing I now, Porkchop is waving me in. You can listen here, it's about 25 minutes in

I also pulled the incediable stunt of buying JelloBiafra.org just before the con, before Jello was know to be talking there. I managed to arrange a presentation of the domain to Jello before his talk. Fortunatly Random Sample sent me a Pic of me and Jello on stage. This was the coolest thing I've ever done

This is an archive of photo's, links, docs and thoughts from the con

Feel free to distribute these, just credit it to me and my site


DomainStalking.ppt - My powerpoint presentation on Domain stalking. Rough notes in the notes of what I talked about in the notes field of each slide.

penntop.ns1 - The Netstumbler log from when Porkchop and I did a quick scan with his yaggi from the upstairs conference rooms on Wednsday afternoon before the con.

nytotal.zip - 1.36meg zipped Netstumbler log of all the AP's that people setup ad-hoc during the 802.11b talk. Really funny stuff. People were having conversations via SSID's

ottawa.ns1 - Netstumbler log of the AP's in the Ottawa airport. What? did you expect less?


I forced myself to keep a detailed diary of a con. I've tried in the past but failed miserably. Will be posted after much editing (much of it was written in the early mornig hours of severe drunkenness) to give non-hackers and idea of what these cons are like.
I have decidied not to release this diary since after reading it I realized how good it was, but how much of it I did'nt want public. Mail me personally with a good excuse and I might send you a copy


Pics Gallery - My personal pics from the con. Pretty crappy pics I'll admit, but they are great for reminding me of the insanity

Grey Frequencys archive - Grey Frequency was kind enough to take some pics of me onstage with Jello Biafra. They are kind dark, but you can still make out my signature hat. Great archive of pics from the conf. They even called my talk facinating, cool! thanks!

Deviant's Archive - Deviant is a great guy I met in NY who has a much better camera than me and his archive is way better than mine.

Thoughts, random memories

Just for reference I was one of the ones that helped put up the big vinyl banners around the registration and escelators. We used a light string attached to a tennis ball to throw a starter line over the pipes and hauled up the banner. I just want the world to know that I got the lines on the big banner over the pipes, by hand, all 3 in a row. You might not think that's impressive, but I am quite proud of that fact.

Random Sample sent me a nice pic of me and Jello on stage when I gave him JelloBiafra.org. Shameless self promotion here

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