Home of various articles produced from RenderLab projects. More serious than Rants but not quite Advisories

How I found the United States Marine Corps security plans at a Hacker Conference -1/20/15 - RenderMan

An Open Letter To Googles Wardrivers and Thier Detractors - An open letter discussing the technical issues that caused the controversy around Googles wardriving efforts and how it's a tempest in a toilet bowl - RenderMan

Google Wardriving Lawsuit Stupidity - An analysis of all that is wrong with the mind boggliningly dumb lawsuit against Google and thier Wardriving activites - RenderMan

Wardriving Parliament - A write up of my attempt to do a wireless scan of Canada's Parliament building in Ottawa. Data files and the story of how I was sure I was about to be arrested - RenderMan 11/11/09

A write up companion to my Defcon 16 talk "10 Things That Are Pissing Me Off, And What We Can Do About It" - RenderMan

A rough guide to proxying/pushing/publishing the metasploit msfweb front end through apache on port 80 - RenderMan

A non-legal opinion on Canadian laws covering wardriving - RenderMan

The hobby of Domain Stalking or, how to get a multi-billion dollar company into your debt - RenderMan

Stupid URL tricks - RenderMan

Netbus Freed of anti-virus detection - RenderMan

A live report from the floor of the Hope 2000 (H2K) convention in New York City - RenderMan

An aborted report from H2K - Alot of repeat from above, but some different - RenderMan

How the traffic system works - Dead Eye Dick

Data loss made easy, how to reliably destroy data - RenderMan

How many hackers does it take to open a bottle of wine? An example of hacker spirit - RenderMan

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