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This is the repository for all the presentation materials from the occasional talks that Renderman gives on various topics. These presentations CAN be used, altered, folded, spindled, and mutilated to your hearts content for your own presentations, I just ask that you credit Renderman and this site for it's use. It's mainly meant to be used as inspiration for your own presentations and for attendees to review the information.

A Good example of use of this material is Barry Irwins use At the University of Rhoads in South Africa in thier Honors Networking course. Look in the slides for the wireless lecture

July 14th, 2002 - Presentation on Domain Stalking at Hope 2002 (H2K2) Hacker conference, NYC.

February 20th, 2003 - Presentation on Wardriving to the luncheon meeting of the Canadian Information Processing Society - Computer Security Special Interest Group, Edmonton, Alberta

October 20th, 2003 - Presentation on Wardriving and wireless security at the ICE conference, Edmonton, Alberta

June 9th, 2005 - Presentation on Wardriving, wireless security and wireless attacks at the Amiga Computer Users Of Edmonton meeting

January, 2006 - Shmoocon 2006 presentation by the Church of Wifi. Washington, DC

August, 2006 - Defcon 14 Church of Wifi extravaganza. Las Vegas, Nevada

November, 2006 - Edmonton ICE conference - Presentation about wireless tools. Edmonton, Alberta

August, 2007 - Defcon 15 - Group talk about the fun things from the Chuch of Wifi - Church of Wifi Wireless Extravaganza!

November 20-21, 2007 - Toronto - Presentation on the history of wireless technology and the various threats - "Wireless Security, what were they thinking?"

February, 2008 - Oslo, Norway - Presentation on the history of wireless technology and the various threats - "Wireless Security - How secure is it really?"

February, 2008 - Washington D.C. - Presentation on wireless threats to mobile travelers - "How do I pwn thee? Let me count the ways!

July 18-20th, 2008 - The LAST HOPE, NYC - Updated version of "How Do I pwn thee talk

August 8-10th, 2008 - Defcon 16, Las Vegas - Updated version of "How Do I Pwn Thee" talk and "10 Things That Are Pissing Me Off"

March, 2010 - Westpoint Military Academy - Presentation to cadets about open source intelligence and life outside of the latest whitepaper

June 9-11, 2010 - Access and Privacy Conference 2010 - Presentation to Privacy professionals about unusual threats to privacy

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