Auto-Drone V0.1

Auto-Drone, Automatic installer for the Kismet_drone

Auto-drone is a quick and very dirty script I can up with to re-load the Kismet_drone on a WRT54G with the OpenWRT firmware according to my how-to. Yes I could build an IPKG, however the lack of flexibility and lag time between revisions makes this script easier in my books.

After the number of times I've blown up my test routers, I wanted a quick way to re-install the drone binaries. This script is the result. Hopefully you find it makes your life easier by automating the install process.

The script asks for 3 things: The router version (for using the proper kismet_drone.conf file, your gateway IP (incase you have'nt set it yet), and your DNS server address (so we can update your Ipkg list and get the wl driver)

The script fetches the 'wl' driver through ipkg, downloads the kismet_drone binaries from and downloads the startup scripts and conf files from Based on your choice of router, the kismet_drone.conf file's 'source' line is configured for you. files are downloaded and unpacked in /tmp which gets cleaned out on reboot.


(Best to just telnet into the router and wget the file to /tmp

wget /projects/wrt54g/

Download Auto-Drone here

This guide and tool also available at:
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