Kiswin, Kismet for Windows v0.1

In October of 2005, Joshua Wright of the SANS institute was able to accomplish what I'd been hoping would happen for over a year. As part of a webcast on monitoring your Wlan, he was able to get kismet into a nearly standalone package, made to work with my WRT54G Kismet_drones. He included scripting and all the nessecary Cygwin DLL's to have it run virtually on it's own.

So instead of a bulky 100+ meg cygwin install, he had an easily distributable package that weighs in at just over 6 meg. He was kind enough to provide me with a beta version for some testing, and once he released it, I went in and added GPSD for cygwin to the package and edited the scripting to support it as well.

So, thanks mostly to Joshua Wright's work, and his kind permission, Kiswin32 is available to everyone who want's to run Kismet on windows without having to install Cygwin. Should work on Win2K/XP. Anything else and you on your own.

Note: Integrin from the Kismet forums got Kiswin working in Virtual PC (Running Win2k) on OSX. A creative and outragous solution. Original post

This software requires a Kismet Drone as a source. It will not work with any PCMCIA, USB, or any other wireless network cards.

This package is no longer being maintained in anticipation of Kismet-Newcore, however Cacetech, the makers of the Airpcap Wireless capture device for windows have an updated and very nice package of Kismet for windows. It works with drones, as well as thier own adapter. It's all GPL and is very easy to install/use (Note: RenderMan was involved on beta testing and is not a part of the company). It's all GPL too, so it's all good.

Cacetech Downloads

Current version info:
Kismet version 2005-08-R1
GPSD version 2.30


Kiswin *WITHOUT* GPSD support (Joshua Wright's original package)

Kiswin *WITH* GPSD support (RenderMan's modified package)

Kiswin *WITH* GPSD Windows Installer *Beta*

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