Renderlab Technical Services

I am gainfully, full time employed (finally) at what is pretty much a dream job. As a result, I am rarely available for outside work anymore. However if the work doesn't conflict and is interesting enough, I may consier it, so you might as well ask

Though this site is for my hobbies and my own personal research, people seem to forget that I am also a human and available for hire. The skills, knowledge and tools exibited here are available to the general public.

Be it technical advice on wireless networking, setting up a simple wireless IDS or educating managment to take security seriously, it all helps raise the level of security in the world. A primary goal of mine.

A short list of offerings:
- Lectures/talks on wardriving
- Lectures/talks on wireless security (offensive and defensive tools)
- Lectures/talks on lockpicking and physical security considerations
- Physical security reviews
- Wireless site surveys
- Wireless network troubleshooting
- Wireless network security review and auditing
- 'Poor mans wireless IDS' setup and maintenance
- Wired/Internet security review
- General computer troubleshooting

My talks on security (wireless and otherwise) are, and always will be free to non-profit groups open to the public. Fees are quite negotiable for private talks

I personally like to focus on small and medium size business's that might not ordinarily be able to have staff devoted to security or afford a review from one of the major security companies. Doing something small, is better than doing nothing.

I do have a real name, and I do clean up nicely for working in offices, so have no fear of that. I have several industry certifications as well.

Feel free to contact me at render AT renderlab DOT net. Costs are negotiable. No work is too big or too small.

Yes this is pretty flagrant whoring of myself, but the research at the Renderlab costs alot of money and shouting from the roof tops, warning people about bad security can only go so far. Sometimes you have to get down there and fix it yourself.


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